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Generator Trailer

Generator Trailer- Small Open

Generator Trailer - Green

Generator Trailer - Side View

Generator Trailer - Small Green

Click for a printer-friendly specification pages:
Trailer Specification 

Standard Features
Bullet Adjustable Ball or Pintle Coupler
Bullet Safety Chains
Bullet Front Jack
Bullet Dot Highway Lights
Bullet Steel Tubing Frame
Bullet Heavy Gauge Steel Bed & Fenders
Bullet Bumper with Recessed Lights
Bullet Adjustable Running Gear
Bullet Reflective Tape
Bullet License Plate Mounting Provisions with Light
Bullet Light Cord per Customer's Requirements
Bullet Sherwin Williams Acrylic Enamel Paint
Bullet Radial Tires

Generator Trailer

Generator Trailer

Generator Trailer - Back View

Generator Trailer Rear Left

Generator Trailer- Open


Bullet Electric Brakes
Bullet Hydraulic Surge Brakes with Free Backing Brake Axle
Bullet Parking Brake
Bullet 20 to 500 Gallon Fuel Tanks
Bullet Single Wall or Double Wall Removable Tanks
Bullet Electric Fuel Gauge
Bullet Mechanical Fuel Gauge
Bullet Low Fuel Warning
Bullet High Fuel Warning
Bullet Electrical Package
Bullet Generator Enclosure
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Bullet Voltage Selector Switches
Bullet Power Cable and Plugs Mounted and Wired to Customer Requirements
Bullet Shipping Containers and Chassis for Generator Packages Available
Bullet Extra Tank Fittings
Bullet Heavy Duty Jack
Bullet  Front & Rear Adjustable Stabilizer Stands
Bullet  Parking Brake
Bullet  Combo Hitch
Bullet  Spare Tire
Bullet  Tool Storage Box
Bullet  Cord Storage Box or Rack



Trailer Specification (click here for a printer-friendly page)

GVW : 1500 TO 24,000 LBS.

1. The intent of this specification is to provide the owner with a road ready generator trailer, complete in every detail an requiring no additional modifications, except where specifically allowed by these specifications.

2. Trailer - the trailer shall be constructed of structural steel as designed and manufactured by COM-FAB, Inc. The frame shall be of 6" x 2" structural tubing with 3" angle supports up to 5000 lbs. GVW, 4" angle supports up to 12,000 lbs GVW, and 6" angle supports up to 24,000 GVW. Standard features include: 12 ga. fenders, 12 ga. deck, ball hitch, safety chains, generator mounting studs, retractable front stand, highway lights, adjustable running gear, and license plate holder. The trailer shall be supplied with a hitch as to the owners specifications. The trailer shall be prewired to allow easy installation of the owner supplied light cord.

3. Fuel tank - the fuel tank shall be constructed of 12 ga. steel, single or double walled, and mounted within the trailer bed. The tank shall not be welded to the trailer. Standard features include: mechanical fuel level gauge, fill, supply, return, vent, and drain. All fittings shall be placed for easy access.

4. Axles - the axles shall be sized to accommodate 120% of the gross vehicle weight. Each axle shall be supplied with wheels and tires to match the weight limit of the axle. The axle shall be supplied with electric or hydraulic surge brakes as to the owners specifications. (Note: Ohio law requires trailers 2000 lbs. and over to have brakes.) The axles shall be manufactured by Dexter Axle or equivalent.

5. Finish - Upon final assembly, the trailer and tank shall be primed with a minimum of two (2) coats of rust-inhibiting primer. The final finish shall be a minimum of two (2) coats of high quality acrylic enamel.    

All trailers over 18,000 GVW have electric brakes

All trailers over 2,000 GVW have brakes