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Generator Enclosure
 Generator Enclosure - Dark Green  Generator enclosure - Ocher with Black Base  Generator Enclosure - Green  Generator Enclosure - Gray with Black Base
Click for a printer-friendly specification pages:
Enclosure Specification

Enclosure Features

Bullet Complete Drop-Over
Bullet Drop-Over to Sub Base
Bullet On Frame


Constructed of:
Bullet Galvannealed Steel
Bullet Aluminum
Bullet Stainless Steel
Bullet Prepainted Aluminum

Fiberglass Reinforced Plywood (FRP)

Structural Frame
Bullet Door Stops
Bullet Stainless Steel Piano-Type Hinge

Stainless Steel Hardware

Bullet Adequate Air Intake and Exhaust Flow
Bullet Removable Hinged Doors

 - Fixed Blade
 - Motor Operated
 - Gravity
 - Bird Screen
 - Insect Screen

Bullet  Sound Attenuation Package
 - Level I - 10 to 15 dba@ 23 ft.
 - Level II - 20 to 25 dba@ 23 ft.
 - Level III - 30 to 35 dba@ 23 ft.

Thermal Insulation Package

Bullet  Exhaust Silencer Support System
 - Internally and Externally
    Mounting Brackets
 - Silencers
 - Flexes
 - Tailpipe
 - Rain cap
Bullet  Electrical and Lighting Packages
 - Per Customer Requirements
Bullet Sherwin-Williams Acrylic Enamel Paint
Bullet Custom Paints Per Request

Complete Mounting Before Shipping


Generator Enclosure being lifted by crane - Tall view

Generator Enclosure lifted by crane

Generator Enclosure

Enclosure Specification (click here for a printer-friendly page) 

1. The intent of this specification is to provide the owner with a weather enclosure, complete in every detail and requiring no additional field modifications or assembly, except where specifically allowed at the time of purchase. The enclosure is to be accurately dimensioned so as to be in compliance with the National Electrical Code (NEC), and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) for clearance of all specified items included therein, and all applicable fire codes for a structure and application of this type.

2. ENCLOSURE - The enclosure shall be formed, sheet steel construction as designed and manufactured by COM-FAB, Inc. The construction shall be of 14 gauge galvannealed steel for all component parts. The enclosure shall be reinforced with tube steel supports and a galvanized structural angle base.

3. DOORS - All doors on the enclosure shall be strategically located in areas as to allow ease of maintenance and allow good access to an visibility of instruments, controls, and etc. The doors shall be fitted with piano-type and flush-mounted, adjustable, keylock latches.

4. AIR FLOW - The enclosure shall be constructed to meet or exceed the generators set manufacturers requirements for air flow. The intake air shall enter the enclosure through a fixed intake louver. The exhaust air shall be discharged through a gravity shutter. The intake openings shall be screened to prevent the entrance of birds.

5. ROOF - The roof of the enclosure shall be constructed and reinforced as to support the weight of the largest commercially available exhaust silencer recommended by the generator set manufacturer, and the weight of 2 maintenance workers. The manufacturer of the enclosure shall provide silencer mounting brackets.

6. FINISH - Upon final assembly, the enclosure shall be primed with a minimum of two (2) coats of rust-inhibiting primer. The final finish shall be a minimum of two (2) coats of acrylic enamel paint.