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Com-Fab, Incorporated

Com-Fab provides a line of generator subbase tanks with various options to meet the generator industries special needs for UL listed, double wall subbase tanks, and single
wall subbase tanks. Our line of generator enclosures can be custom designed to meet
the specific needs, drop-over, on subbase, or on frame styles, of our customers. We
also have a line of generator trailers with various options to meet the portable needs
of the generator industry.

Subbase Tank

Generator Enclosure


Subbase Tanks

Generator Enclosures

Generator Trailers

UL 142 Listed 
UL 2085 Fireguard® Double Wall
Single Wall 
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Galvannealed Steel
Stainless Steel
Prepainted Aluminum
Fiberglass Reinforced Plywood(FRP)
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 - Single Axle - 1,500
    to 6,000 GVW
 - Tandem Axle -3,000
    to 24,000 GVW
 - Tri Axle - 4,500 to
    24,000 ,000 GVW
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